Turncoat Transformation – A New WoW Expansion

CalliopiaSo, yeah, I’ve gone Alliance for WoW’s latest and greatest expansion. Why? Well, it’s complicated, but has to do with guilds and friendlies and that sort of thing. My heart is still Horde, I swear it!

I’ve gone as transformative as you can in this game: race is the transforming human/wolf Worgen, class is the transforming Druid, and a glyph allows me to transform my Boomkin (big owl thing) into a gauzy version of my Worgen self.

Never, fear, I’m still leveling my dear Troll Shaman Lan, but she’ll wait patiently for more consistent play.

There, don’t you feel better? I promise, not a traitor. We’re all in this against the Iron Horde, after all! (I guess we’re the Good Horde).

This expansion is especially fun for me: we get our own private garrison! Outfitted as we see…. fit! No, not quite full on Sims home-decoration mechanic, but it’s home, and it’s mine. Well, Calliopia’s. And Lan’s.


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