Party, splurge, and play: Unlessons book contents

Keep calm and party onHere is the draft Table of Contents for my unlessons book. In addition to the sections here, each Lesson chapter will have tools like lists of resources and exercises like quizzes and worksheets.

Subsections aren’t really in order, although the chapters and unlessons are in the order I’ve got for the moment. Subsections are listed as notes on what the content for that section will be, but I’m working on the actual subsection titles.

Have a thought? Am I missing some key, core idea? Comment away!


Introduction: Unlearning the rules

1. Chapter 1: Success
1.1. Grit: what it really takes to succeed
1.2. Goals, dreams, plans – make them big! (thank you, Avery)

2. Chapter 2: Unlessons
2.1. Unlesson: Take the required classes
2.1.1. School world: A set path to success with predetermined checklists
2.1.2. Work world: Find your own path
2.2. Unlesson: You’ll be graded on this
2.2.1. School world: Everything you submit gets graded
2.2.2. Work world: You often get very little direct, specific feedback
2.3. Unlesson: Only the best work gets an A
2.3.1. School world: Meritocracy
2.3.2. Work world: Done is better than great
2.4. Unlesson: Get the right answer
2.4.1. School world: Regurgitating what prof told you = right
2.4.2. Work world: No “right” exists; Good = persuasive arguments (& fulfilling expectations/needs)
2.5. Unlesson: Content matters
2.5.1. School world: What you’re thinking / effort matters
2.5.2. Work world: Whole context & presentation/sell matters
2.6. Unlesson: Show your work
2.6.1. School world: Write /present more to demonstrate quality
2.6.2. Work world: Shorter is better (and harder)
2.7. Unlesson: Close the book and work independently
2.7.1. School world: Individual assessment and projects vs. rarer group work
2.7.2. Work world: All work is group work
2.8. Unlesson: Don’t fail
2.8.1. School world: Failures don’t count/get you nowhere
2.8.2. Work world: Learn from failure; Taking risks is the only way to achieve greatness
2.9. Unlesson: You’ll need this later
2.9.1. School world: Advance your skills and use them
2.9.2. Work world: Be good at learning; Find a way to fill a niche and make yourself useful

3. Chapter 3: Lesson: Show Off
3.1. Promote yourself: Resumes and portfolios
3.2. The line between arrogance and self-promotion
3.3. While you’re showing off, ask questions. (learn about others, industry, job, etc.)

4. Chapter 4: Lesson: Gossip
4.1. Gossip about yourself: Online presence, Personal branding
4.2. Show AND Tell: Use SNS to promote your work/self
4.3. While you’re gossiping, listen (to others pov, ideas, thoughts, reactions)

5. Chapter 5: Lesson: Hang Out & Party
5.1. Come early, leave late (face time)
5.2. Go to events and dinners: Social bonds make work bonds/networks
5.3. While you’re hanging out, take notes. (keep track of what you learn, who they are, etc.)

6. Chapter 6: Lesson: Play
6.1. Hobbies, and how important it is do have other activities that matter
6.2. Spend time on non-work activities, “unproductive” things – especially those!
6.3. While you play, do your homework (invest in non-work people, relationships, causes)

7. Chapter 7: Lesson: Road Trip
7.1. Go places outside your comfort zone: Learn from people different than you
7.2. Read news/blogs/books by people who disagree with you
7.3. While you road trip, be respectful

8. Chapter 8: Lesson: Splurge
8.1. It’s only money: Managing it is more important than earning it
8.2. Spend less anyway: Reduce the Stuff
8.3. While you splurge, take care of yourself (insurance, good choices, etc.)

9. Chapter 9: Final Thoughts and Advice
9.1. Work your network
9.2. Develop resources and skills continually
9.3. Do it anyway (even if you don’t have a job doing it)
9.4. Remember the power (and perils) of EGO
9.5. Call your parental unit(s) and [clever phrase for siblings that encompasses friends]


2 responses to “Party, splurge, and play: Unlessons book contents

  1. Tracilee Hoffman

    This sounds so absolutely compelling, i can’t wait to read more

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Thanks, TR! I’m having a blast writing it. The key is going to be making those unlessons fun to read. Need a style, theme, structure…

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