Unlearning School

victorianGradI have recently started working on a book for graduating college seniors about that confusing and oft-overwhelming transition from the World of School to the World of Work.

I’ve decided to post segments here for your thoughts and feedback as I write. These are drafts, so any and all of your insight is welcome.

The book focuses on what school teaches us about how the world works – about how school defines success, failure, progress, achievement. It explains that those rules – the school rules – look pretty different in the work world.

And to go from the world of school rules to the world of work rules takes some getting used to – and some un-learning of lessons.

I still don’t have a title, but my hope is that students will find some ideas in these pages that will make moving into the world of work a bit less daunting.


5 responses to “Unlearning School

  1. World of School. World of Work. Where does World of Warcraft fall in this transition/continuum??

  2. hmmmm good question! see, now you’re giving me Ideas….

  3. (although actually, there’s a chapter titled “Play” as one of the lessons, so perhaps there :)

  4. Or as a very effective delaying tactic in making the transition from one to the other?

  5. Inspired already. See my next post :)

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