Being Naughty from Being Good

The danger of walking a few hours a day is you can get a wee bit complacent with  the other part of getting healthy: eating well. Last night I had popcorn for dinner, which is so not healthy. Today, I had chocolate mint chip ice cream for lunch. Even worse.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re doing really well using that hard earned will-power to do work, walk, feed the kid, keep the dishes clean…. and so you deserve – deserve, dammit! – ice cream, or a burger, or truffle cheese fries. Sometimes it feels more like using up will-power reserves, and at the end of the day we just don’t have any left for choosing a salad, or going Paleo, or skipping dessert.

But that’s the trap of modern American body image and diet crap. It’s a killer. No, instead we must re-frame and think of all these things as making the salad or the skipped dessert easier because they all move us that much farther down a healthy path. It’s not that avoiding bread is depriving ourselves. It’s that picking almonds instead is giving ourselves a gift, treating ourselves to something wonderful for our health.

Workin’ on it.


One response to “Being Naughty from Being Good

  1. I remember having a cupcake for lunch/dinner but I sometimes eat at odd hours.

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