Up and down, back and forth

Having a treadmill desk takes a lot of adjustment moments, as I am thinking of them. Work adjustments – mostly, work thinking adjustments – take some little-by-little movements, from associating thinking with sitting, to letting myself think in complex ways while walking. This is harder than it sounds, really. Hey, even smart Italian guys sat while they thought (although I’ll leave the rest of Dante’s trip to him, thanks).

Then there are other adjustments in walking at moments when I just feel as though I should be sitting: Skype IMing, Google searches, shopping online. I still have some trouble really thinking Difficult Thoughts while walking, but I’m getting there.

This past week was a bear for really tough stuff that kept me away from the treadmill more than I would have liked. I definitely haven’t figured out to walk while doing statistical analyses. I really should, though. I’d have logged 40 hours this week already if I could.

But…. but. Yesterday was The big patch day for the upcoming WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria. And I did manage to sneak in a wee bit of jumping around cities and reading trade chat as the flood of mechanics and avatar changes came through. Sadly, I was not walking. THAT has got to happen: WoW while walking.


2 responses to “Up and down, back and forth

  1. I find my thought to be more scattered when walking, I associate more freely, but maybe that has to do with the changing scenario more than the walking itself, I don’t know :)
    Do you think an exercise bicycle instead of the treadmill would have been different, where you sit on a seat, or does it have something to do with habit alone, you think?

  2. That’s exactly it, @Ironyca. My mind just likes to wander while I walk – and I don’t even have changing scenery! I do wonder if it would be less extreme if I were on a bike. I kinda hate bikes (shhh, don’t tell my town, they’re bike-crazy), but it might actually be a better match with work in a lot of ways.

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