So Far So Good

Day 4 of owning a treadmill desk and continuing to adjust. Today I did 140 minutes before noon, most at above 2.0 mph.

My strategy seems to be working: this morning I started out doing simple email replies then a few more mentally challenging tasks like updating reports and the like while walking. I switched to sitting to test and take notes on a game we’re developing, but I went back to walking for two Skype meetings. I racked up well over 2 hours total so far today.

My feet aren’t bothering me anymore, although I still should probably look into those crazy shoes with the toes…

It’s time to track these things in a spreadsheet, I think. They say it takes about 21 days to change a habit. I’m going for it!

Inspired? Here’s a little video of someone using the exact desk I have for your enjoyment. Plus, it’s fitness for nerds. Can’t resist that.


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