These Feet Were Made for Walking

Well day 2 of the Treadmill, and 90 minutes of walking done today so far! About 90 min total yesterday, too! I’m particularly impressed because that was after 3 hours of heavy labor getting everything moved and ready. So yeah, that’s about 4 hours more working out than I’ve done in months!

However, I do realise I will have to ease into this. I’m not quite able to do think-y work while walking – I just am not used to focusing like that while I’m moving. So I’m going to have to switch my main work station to the seated desk for a spell, I think.

My feet are a bit unhappy with me, too. Not of the blister-type unhappiness, but they’re sore. I *really* don’t want to have to use sneakers for walking, but I do need some kind of decent supportive shoe. I confess I used my (really good! with arch support!) flip flops yesterday and today, and some barefooted walking.

Friends have suggested a pair of those shoes with the toes. But I’m wary – plus they’re pricey. Although the smart point was made that if I’m really going to commit to this – and after the money spent to set this all up – I really shouldn’t be stopped by something fixable like the right shoes.


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