Silly Seddrik

This is really the silliest outfit I’ve ever seen. I am leveling the new Seddrick, and… wow. Just wow, WoW.

And what, exactly, happened to his shoes?


4 responses to “Silly Seddrik

  1. Ahh, those pants. Every cloth-wearer must be subjected to them!

    Although, the hat is pretty amazing too.

  2. They are magnificent pants, aren’t they? Magnificent in the /shudder sort of way. Actually, when I was in high school, I was costume designer for a show that included a street-wise tough, and we dressed her in pants much like there – although hers were black, of course.

    What really tops it all off is that elegant set of shoulders…. /snicker

  3. He’s got that “Latin Lover” look about him… LOL…

  4. @dani Totally!! oohhhh Seddrik! /swoon

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