A little WoW thinking

And now for a word from our sponsors….

We are finally starting up the WoW phase of our virtual world research, and most urgently need your help! Please come join us (we’re fun!) for about 90 minutes in WoW to play a custom quest  we’ve created using an add on we call Marauder.

Sign up to take the survey and then we’ll schedule you with a small group to play through the quest line. “Experience Dalaran in a whole new way.”

Plus, you get a 30-day game card for doing it!

What you’ll do is make a brand new level 1 toon, then we’ll port you to Dalaran to join a party and play the quest. We promise it’s fun :)

But wait! There’s more!

A recent guest blogger here on WoW Musings, S.,  is doing a separate study of WoW and toons and identity. (See her posts  here and here).

The first phase of the project is a survey that’s open to any World of Warcraft player. In that survey, you’ll be asked to answer some questions about yourself, your avatar, and about how you play WoW.

If you’re interested, the second phase is a series of interviews with players about toons and identity.

Go take the survey now!

Or just take a look at her really cool website developed for recruiting.

(naked gnomes totally just a bonus)


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