Suddenly, Purple (Hunting)

Well, WoW aficionados, I finally caved to a friend’s insistence that I join the much vaulted WHU (Warcraft Hunter’s Union) by creating for myself a dwarf hunter on the Icecrown server. Her very compelling reason is that this guild – this very large guild – does rather incredible events like this one, wherein literally hundreds of low-level hunters (costumed as gnomes) attacked an enormously large and powerful boss and annihilated him. Sometimes it’s all level 1’s fighting a level 60, sometimes (like the upcoming event on the 16th) there’s a level cap – this time of 65 – and other things Are Arranged. We’ll know when we show up on Friday.

Then thar’s Pirate’s Day. Aye, me poppets. Pirates and ninjas. Arr.

Cassavaa the Dwarf Hunter

Moreover, some of these folks will meet up in person at an event at BlizzCon, and my friend and I will be there with bells on. Or, you know, hunter accoutrement. I had to earn my place, though, so I started this lovely lass. Now I can play with hunters both online and off-.

And on this Friday, I’ll go over to her house and we’ll party with the hunters. I’ll bring my newly purple-clad lass, here, along with her shiny new white bear, Hemlock, and fight the good fight. Or at least run around a lot with a pile of hunters and have a good time.

Fun times to be had by all. And likely followed by a new naked dungeon runs. Just to top off the night.


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