The vagaries and varieties of WoW

A Netherdrake mount.

Something I do love about WoW is that when you (gasp!) get bored running heroics for gear, there are tons of these random side activities you can dedicate yourself to.

I confess I have grown weary of the instances available to me (since my gear isn’t good enough to do Cata heroics), and don’t really have what it takes to build my way up to new ones right now. Instead, I’m thinking to join a friend in chipping away at Argent Tournament activities.

Argent Tournament, for you non-players out there, is a set of quests you can do each day to get gold, gain reputation, and win fabulous prizes like mounts and little companions and the like. It takes time, the challenges are largely jousts, which depend on actual game play, not gear. So that’s fun, especially when you do it with someone else.

There are all sorts of other things like that in WoW. You can make your name in Battlegrounds fighting other players in pursuit of bases and flags. You can do Arenas, fighting 2 against 2, or even 5 against 5 for fame and fortune.  Each of these can really absorb you, and come with their own sets of rewards, progression, and challenges. Although there are certainly those who split their time among various activities, folks frequently focus on one at a time.

It’s one of the things that really makes WoW fun – if one way of playing doesn’t thrill you, then you have a whole bunch of others.

Sadly, it means that magpie-like dilettantes like me tend to spread themselves too thin and never really get much from any one activity (except that Netherdrake mount, of course). But I don’t mind. It’s fun :)


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