Legitimization Mass-Media Style

In recent months I  have had a few opportunities to talk about my work in public. The crown jewel was a simply lovely article in  the Denver Post, but several other terrifically fun experiences have come my way, including a lively chat on camera with a student for his weekly college TV show on video games, a few comments here and there for our Uni’s newspaper, and an exciting keynote talk I’ll be giving in June.

Although what I do in games isn’t on the level of news-sexeh that some others have been doing, it’s a new kind of legitimizing. And it changes your perspective some to be asked to talk about games research in new settings.

I confess that I can talk for hours about this stuff (and indeed, my interview with the Denver Post reporter was well over 2 hours long), and at times, the biggest challenge is where to start — and stop. It’s cool stuff, to be sure, and I’m always honored to be able to talk about it to interested folks.

As we find out more and more from our analysis – and continue on to our research in WoW – I hope I’ll have more news-sexeh things to chat about, but meanwhile, I’m having a blast talking about what we’ve done so far.


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