Being a Pocket Tank

Being a tank, a role I only rarely take on, is an interesting position in WoW. Basically, as a tank your job is to keep the baddies attacking you and keep them from attacking the other people in your group. You have moves that pull “agro” (shorthand for aggression), and you have to keep an eye on who’s taking damage to make sure you pull the creatures off them as soon as possible.

The interesting thing about playing a tank is that you are probably in the most “heroic” role in WoW : you rush to distract the giant dragon so he doesn’t damage your companions. You charge into a mob of basilisks crying, ‘Wait behind me! Wait until they attack me before you enter the fray!’ (Well, I say fray, other people don’t say fray.)  ‘Help!’ they shout to you, ‘get this thing off me!’ ‘Come to me! I’ll save you!’ you trumpet.

There’s definitely a thrill to it.

I’m not a good tank, not really. In addition to charging and protecting and frays, tanks generally lead the group through the dungeon or caves or castle, deciding where to go next  and explaining what clever little strategies and tactics are needed to kill the big things in the way of the treasure. I don’t know the dungeons well enough to do that effectively. It’s kind of like being driven around a new town versus driving yourself. Somehow even if you’ve been driven all over, you don’t really learn the streets until you’ve been behind the wheel. But good or bad, tanking is fun. And I tend to tank (yes, it’s a verb, too) only with friends, so they’re generous with my shortcomings.

I really am more like a pocket tank. I get pulled out when the gang needs me, but I’m not quite the team leader. At your service, mi’lady.

I’ve played a tank as a Death Knight, which is pretty simple, and as a warrior, which is…. not. But sooooo fun. Warriors have moves like REVENGE! and they  MAIM things and they CHARGE! It’s more fun than giving diseases to monsters and invoking death and decay.  But, it’s still fun to tank as a DK.

There’s something that warms the heart about being a tank. Oddly, even more so than as a healer. Somehow taking the damage and removing the threat is more powerful than fixing boo boos. Usually, I play a healer. And it is satisfying, but being a tank is a rush. Maybe it’s the danger, or maybe it’s the responsibility, or maybe it’s fun sometimes to do something you’re kinda clueless about.

Maybe I should get my DK to 85 after all…


2 responses to “Being a Pocket Tank

  1. Even better when you get to shout “REVENGE!” into Skype. ;)

  2. It’s nice to play with people who indulge one’s silly little joys :)

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