Magic Panties Redux Redux

Okay. So apparently all those creatures of the cloth get their turn with magic panties. I have to say, I try to be as fair-minded as possible, and I have come to love my little goblin. But this is really taking things a bit too far.

I mean, she just looks bizarre in these things.

She is adorable, but magic panties just don’t seem to suit her. Maybe it’s the weird things on her knees.

When I first saw this, I was sure I had been hacked again, and someone had stripped my girl here naked. But no, this is apparently how I am presenting this self to the world. Talk about feeling out of control.

I think it’s a conspiracy. As a friend pointed out, “Once, shame on me. Twice, shame on you. Three times… it’s a conspiracy!!!”

Speaking of which, my WoW account was indeed hacked recently. So allow me to add my voice to the urgent insistence that you:

  1. Use a password no fewer than 10 characters in length (for ALL your logins everywhere)
  2. Never use anything associated with your name, birthday, hometown, or any other easily Googled info in your password
  3. For WoW, get an authenticator!!
  4. Remember, complexity is not the best defense against being hacked – password length is. Some tips if you’re stumped.
  5. Make sure you do your best to make a strong password, and avoid using the same password on different sites.

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