WTF Blizzard

This is not new to vetrans of female Blood Elves, but sometimes I really don’t get it, Blizzard. My mage recently got a pair of “pants” that are…. ridiculous.

They’re basically panties with magical powers.

My current gear. Yes, those are her "pants."

Oh, and a tank top.


5 responses to “WTF Blizzard

  1. magical panties! who doesn’t want magical panties?

  2. okay, okay, I admit it’s pretty hawt to have magical panties.
    Magical panties. Even saying it is fun.

  3. magical panties. magical panties. magical panties. So much fun to say (or type).

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  5. I want a plate set for a dps paly …. not a tier set, but hotpants and a harness. And yes I’m female and yes I play a gay male blood elf. I’m sure I’m not the first!

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