Expanding – and devastating – Cataclysms

There are those times that you pass through things that…. well, that suck. Your happy little space where you relax, think about things, explore things, strive for things gets bombed with fire and sunk beneath the waves of disaster. Maybe you thought someone was a friend, and they start treating you like a kodo’s rear end. Or maybe you thought that you knew who you could look up and turn to when things got rough, and they disappear on you or betray you. Maybe you think you know how to get from here to there, but suddenly a gaping chasm opens up at your feet and you’re stuck where you don’t want to be. Or maybe, just maybe, you think that you’ve got it all figured out and then they go and move the class trainers, the Auction House, the Inn, and everything you need to keep yourself in purple gear.

It’s a disaster. And we’ve all passed through it. And it can suck.

But here’s the thing. Without those cataclysms, we don’t grow. We don’t learn. We become stalled in place, hardly advancing, losing motivation, fighting less and less for what we believe in. I know, I know, how many times have you heard those tired platitudes?

What I mean is this: Do not regret the bad times, for without them good has no meaning. Look at your pains and know that without them, you would not see what you now can see, know what you now know. Forgive yourself for not having a perfect life, not only because you deserve forgiveness, but because those imperfections are the soul of your humanity. Embrace the shadows, for without them there is no light. The floodwaters come in and change the landscape. Only then can new life and its challenges grow.


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