Finally in the Fantasy

I  have now done that thing, that starting a new MMO thing. And this time it’s Final Fantasy XVI Online. The hot new game that…. totally confused the hell out of me. This was the chat (on skype) I had with a gaming friend as I first logged into the game (after literally an hour attempting to set up an account…and another 25 minutes trying create a very, very customized character).

The summary of this little chat is a) I was really confused; b) I died a lot; c) no one said a word in the (crowded!) public areas; and d) this is totally, totally different than WoW….

Me: and now i am finally starting final fantasy……
A: oooo, exciting
Me: wow, beautiful
A: frankly I found the FF games hard to get into
Me: this is the online version, so who knows
Me: i never played the others
A: more fun to watch than play in the closed game setting
Me: creating an account and player was awful, though
Me: sooooo complicated
A: more than wow?
Me: omg so much more awful than wow
Me: the account process was so weird and lots of strange errors
Me: and i can’t adjust screen size, and it slips off the side of my damn screen
A: now that’s stupid
Me: so far i’m totally baffled
A: how so?
Me: well, this is so far much more like a regular single player game
Me: so i just did a strange fight – very turn based
Me: very confusing
A: that’s very FF
Me: lots of cut scences, which is also strange
Me: so i get “taken over” for each one, which feels weird now
Me: since i’m expecting a different kind of mmo
A: also very FF- both of which are why i didn’t get into the games
Me: feels very japanese, too
Me: i totally wanted to be this big beefy race, but no females avaliable in that one
Me: so i’m a gurl
Me: plus, every character talks but me. makes me seem weird
Me: acutally, i usually like this stuff in single-player games
Me: but my expectations are different here this is much more passive at this point
Me: no action bar or tool bar to speak of
Me: although i did name myself Belladonna Kamala :)
A: :) oh, but is it your SL Bella, or just another character named Bella
Me: def another character :)
A: what do you mean everyone talks to you?
Me: the NPCs – they are much more active and engaged, using voices too
A: hmm, i wonder if that’s because it was a single player game that was then adapted for online play.
Me: oh! i think there are other people here now! like players!
A: people!
Me: also conversation options
Me: there are a bunch of people here making things like arrows and rings
Me: as far as i can tell, no one is saying a word in public
A: like a knitting circle?
Me: hee
A: so, not a knitting circle
A: i wonder if there is concentration involved in making things, or if they can set their characters there to make things automatically while they are doing other RL things
Me: ooo a quest at least!
A: do you have to chase a chocobo, because that would be very FF
Me: hee no, i’m killing mushrooms. but i just died
A: boo, evil mushrooms
Me: oops. died aagin,. i have no idea how to heal myself
A: is dying different that in WoW?
Me: very
Me: omg killing me over and over
Me: i return to the village when i die
Me: not my corpse
A: that’s frustrating
Me: er. again with the dying. not sure why so fast now
A: quit dying already
Me: oh. i have rez sickness. for some reason. my HP is reduced and my cast time increased. no wonder i’m dying
A: rez sickness sounds like a hologram disease
Me: okay, now the weakness is gone, and i have to regenderate my HP
Me: but i have no food or anything
Me: wow this is really confusing :)
A: in a good playing a new game sort of way. or in a facepalm way?
Me: in a…. what are they trying to do kind of way
Me: i’m never too good with the fighting thing anyway, and learning a whole new system is confusing
A: very true
A: so you are just questing on your own?
Me: yes
Me: and now i’ve removed somehow my main spell and can’t get it back to where it belongs
A: blerg
Me: okay, i just bought some water. why, i don’t know
A: because water is necessary for life. duh…
Me: oh, silly me
Me: okay ,it’s time for bed and to put this confusing thing away
A: yes, it’s like past 2 for you isn’t it?
A: boo confusing things, yay beds:)


A cut scene after I killed some wolves at the start of FFXVI (I'm the bluish one in the back).



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