The other side of my summer

In addition to playing WoW as “work” (ahem), we’re also dashing forward with our research in Second Life. We’ve finally opened the recruiting phase, and the interested parties are streaming in. Not flooding, no, but a nice healthy stream.

We’ve started by getting objects and posters into Second Life as in-world advertising, including some announcements with groups of folks who spend time there. It’s quite a thrill.

I am, I have to confess, nervous as a cat. Here’s my baby, this island and its quest, that is finally all growed up and going out into the world. Baby’s other parental units are with me eagerly wringing hands in the hopes that baby will be able to walk and talk and do triple back-flips as intended.

Because, you know, we’re spreading the word all over Second Life that we have this cool, awesome and above all fun game for them to play in exchange for their efforts in filling out a survey and being hounded by us on a regular basis. Yes, they get a pile of Linden dollars, too, but really, if the game isn’t fun.. well.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my baby. I think the game, the setting, the story, the talking NPCs (!!) are just about the coolest things I’ve seen in SL. But, as its mama, I’m probably a little biased.

Anyway,  labors of love and money from a whole bunch of folks have resulted in what I hope will be its own advertising on account of it being so jolly well fun and all.

Meanwhile, my most genius of darlings, A., has made us a video to promote the thing.

You just have to see this thing.

(ps, the music for the video is used with heartfelt thanks from us and with permission from Abney Park, who are this amazing steampunk band. I particularly love their tune, “Dear Ophelia“. It was too dark to use for our silly quest, but… wow.)
Abney Park, a terrific steampunk band.


2 responses to “The other side of my summer

  1. Talking npcs and cutscenes are the way to go. Such a big difference compared to having read long texts!

    The video is great too. Fast paced, lots of different elements but not too much or too long, sweet music.

    Maybe add some in game posters for your blog (^ ^)b

  2. ooo i will add a game poster :) it was fun to make, that’s for sure. and ty about the video. we had a fabulous time making it.

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