Oh, that answers my question

Okay, so the synchronicity of friends brought the answer to “what makes games fun” to my screen almost as soon as I had posted the question.

The answer comes from Jane McGonigal, an online games designer who gave a wonderful TED Talk this year.  She explains that we all need to play more video games to save the world – the “real world”. You know, cure diesase, solve global warming, feed the hungry… But what makes a world-saving game good is probably a bit of what makes all games good, I figure.

You can watch her video while I try to think of ways to imbue our little game with blissful productivity; a tight social fabric; urgent optimism, and epic meaning


One response to “Oh, that answers my question

  1. Molyneux’s suggestions probably won’t help much in SL, but they are worth thinking about.

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