SL 11/15 Productivity and meetings

[Contextual note:  For the introduction to this blog’s switch to musings about Second Life for a while, see Virtual Adjustments from 3/16.]

An early meeting in Second Life with the team.

Well, having had two full meetings in SL this week, it does become clear that chat is slow, here. Chat lag is also an issue, along with, of course, the speed at which people type. I’m pretty fast myself, and so I notice a lot of wait time. So while it’s fun to chat in world, it’s rather slow and takes a whole lot more time to go through various reports and the like. Experience helps – again, that was a key decision about participants.

Meeting with the CSU group today, I felt strongly compelled to provide chairs. Oddly, that wasn’t as much of an issue when the PI meeting was taking place in the empty island (although there was junk around that various folks sat on). So I grabbed some free chairs and placed them around. People immediately sat on them, as did I. Again with the visual cues about social norms….


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