SL 11/1 p.m. Finding the Nightlife

[Contextual note: For the introduction to this blog’s switch to musings about Second Life for a while, see Virtual Adjustments from 3/16.]

Well, I found *people* at long last. The Champagne Club in New Babbage has a music night – activated the streaming media and listened to 20s, 30s, and 40s music for a time, amidst some fun conversation and dancing avatars. This reminds me very, very much of the Sims – this is a place for people to use avatars to hang out and chat. Most of the conversation has been around the music, and it’s quite mellow, but entertaining. And there were probably about 15 – 20 people in there, actually! But less conversation than i would have expected. I’m not sure, but I imagine these folks are doing several other things at the same time that they have their avatars in here.

A steampunk club on a busy evening.

The room is mostly women, just like the Sims. I’m sure the porn islands and the space races have a lot more men, but this space, like The Sims, is most definitely a less masculine space, although it has a fair number of men. And yes, the social norms in here feel very related to the design and content of the space. Folks are welcomed upon entering, are tipping as they leave, are dancing in ways appropriate to the music, etc.

Some of this could be styled as a sort of “role playing” I suppose, but really, that doesn’t seem to be what people are doing. It’s more just engaging with this space as it is presented because that’s what’s fun (and appropriate) to do.

I, myself, felt compelled to tip, say good night, thank the hostess (who was the one who said thank you to me, and said goodnight) and walk out the door, rather than log off from the club. Somehow it felt rude to swirl away in the middle of the room without using the door.


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