And back to school….

school_suppliesAh, back to school. My blogging will necessarily be erratic now, but at least this time I have an excuse.

Starting an intensive work activity sure does cut into WoW time. Last year, WoW was my work cooldown, and I would hop on just about every evening to let the day go. These days, though, that’s somehow more difficult. Early on, while leveling, there was a nice soothing pattern to my play that suited my chill-out needs well.

These days, though, it’s raiding, and somehow, that’s a lot less relaxing. It’s not quite like a second job, as some raiding guilds can be, because my guild is flexible and relaxed. But still, the pressure is a lot higher when you’re working with 24 other people to kill big bads. When I was leveling, the only one who suffered when my bleary eyes couldn’t focus on the screen was me; in a raid, I have to stay on point. After all, I don’t want to doze off right when the decimate flattens my tank or dash into mobs because I was too tired to move my finger off the run button.

So raiding after work isn’t so relaxing.

But I do love my WoW. I’ll be scheduling in my raid times like appointments now, which is also a slightly strange thing for me. It’s not exactly another work-type obligation (after all, it is fun), but it’s not the mindless, space-out, unwind type thing of old.


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