Oh dear, slacking

I have been slacking. I am terribly sorry, and I take all the blame. Really. It’s not because the summer is winding to a close, or because I’ve been away from home a lot over the past month, or because I’m desperately trying to create an Organized Life (unsuccessfully, I might add).

My WoW playing has been slacking, as well. And when you do that, you come back (okay, you pop on for 15 minutes) to find all kinds of things changed while you were away. People join the guild, people leave the guild, suddenly your guild has a new GM, you’ve forgotten how to use your weapon enchants…

And so you get a little daunted. All kinds of things going on without you, and you feel confused. So you say “hi!!!!” a few times and then slink off in shame. To read Facebook or some such equally silly thing.

The nice thing is, when you acutally are ready to return to Azeroth and smash a few ogres or send lovely blue waves of healing lazers at your fellows, it’s always there waiting for you. And, as it turns out, you have a pretty easy time remembering which buttons are which. It’s not exactly like riding a bike, but… well, it comes back quickly.

I can’t promise I’ll be playing all that much for the next few weeks, and I imagine my contributions here will be similarly thin, but I promise I’ll try.

Maybe I’ll even write about a few non-WoW things just to pass the time.


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