Role playing in WoW

womanHorseI was reading a silly fantasy book – swords and horses style – last night. And it suddenly occurred to me that there is a whole side of WoW I have never experienced, nor have I read anything about in the forums or blogs.

Role Playing servers.

For those non-players out there, one of the types of servers you can choose is “Role Playing” (as opposed to PvP and PvE – see Glossary for details).

WoW’s official site has guidelines for being on these servers including this:

“Creating an immersive world that holds true to the “Base Storyline” of the World of Warcraft is the driving motivation behind our Role-Play Servers. While other servers allow you to play World of Warcraft, these servers are intended to let you live World of Warcraft. Within this environment you will embark on long-lasting adventures, foster enduring comradeships, and wage epic wars. Cultivating an environment that allows this level of immersion rests largely upon the shoulders of you, the player.”

I’ve never even put even in single pixel into a Role Playing server. What are they like? Are people really doing the Role Playing thing? How different are they? And who plays on those servers?

I don’t think I’ve even had a single conversation with a WoW players about Role Playing servers. A colleague did ask me to read a paper on WoW’s role players, which was really interesting (still in press), but I have no first hand experience.

And how conspicuous is the absence of reference or talk about them. Is it a completely different set of folks? Different kind of player?

Time to make a new alt and check this out.


2 responses to “Role playing in WoW

  1. From what i’ve heard from a friend who plays an alliance hunter on an RP server (or at least did for a while), there’s nothing TOO different. Off the top of my head, GM’s in game can mute/ban you if you’re being “disruptive to the RP environment”, so you just can’t spam “PENIS PENIS PENIS” in trade chat.

    Guild-wise, there are some that are laid back and really don’t care about the RP environment, while others are hardcore into the Role-Playing. SO, unless you SPECIFICALLY want to be a Role-Player, you won’t notice too much of a difference.

  2. Ooooh…I look forward to your adventures and sights :)

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