Everything I really needed to know…

…no, I didn’t learn in kindergarten, but here are some things I did learn in WoW.

  1. Getting more stuff seems like it’s the most important thing in the world. But more stuff doesn’t really make the game more fun. It’s how you get there that’s the point.
  2. Online, age really *is*  just a number.
  3. Sure, it’s only a game. But it’s my game, and matters to me, with just as much validity as any of the other games I play: the going-out-with-friends-game, the go-to-a-movie-game, the clean-house-game, the do-my-work-game….
  4. At the end of the day, it’s the people that make it fun.
  5. I’m not as free from gender, race, age, attractiveness, job title, accomplishments, etc. as I thought. Even online and “anonymous”, I feel a strange compulsion to let people know certain things about me. Turns out it’s really hard to feel that I’m friends with someone unless they know some of that offline stuff. Not all. But some.
  6. It’s the thought that counts. A /hug really can make me feel better when I’m blue;  a /kiss can get my heart racing;  a /spit can make me feel crappy.
  7. I wish avatars could really hug, though, like in The Sims Online.
  8. There’s a kick-ass blue troll in my soul who is really happy to be allowed out to play on a regular basis.

2 responses to “Everything I really needed to know…

  1. “I wish avatars could really hug, though, like in The Sims Online.”
    Not me.

    Hugmenot of Suramar

  2. ROFL!!!

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