Playing Patterns

I am going to write more about the different social environment in my new guild, but first, a bit on shifts in my playing patterns.

I’ve noticed that my playing interests have changed, somewhat. I discussed in previous posts how I would largely come onto WoW for the social, the company of people I am fond of.  Now, I’m a bit more goal motivated, I think.

I find myself playing more for the activities than the people. This is, of course, because I don’t know these people as well, and because C. has not been playing the past two weeks.

So, do I now fit into a new motivations category, according to Yee? What does that imply about his categories in the first place? Are they better understood as contextually dependent and fluid? He seems to approach them as rather fixed internal drivers. For me, they really change, I believe. Not just depending on the day, but also on the social context itself – which only makes sense.


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