Changes: Done and done

Well, I feel as though I am now in a new world. I have not only quit SAPS, but also actually changed servers with Lan. This is…. very different. I’m a hard-core player now, alright.

How did this come about, well, it’s not a surprising story. Last week on Monday C., J., D., P. and I decided to run Naxx, the big tough instance that is among the most difficult in the game at this point. P. and never done it before, nor had C. I had only done one small piece, and not the early wings.

To make a long story short, the group had trouble. Instead of organizing our own raid, D. had us join another in progress, and we blew in. No one admitted it was their first time (guilty), and we wiped 3 times in a row on the first boss. That means everyone dead, no reprieve. Since P. and I were healing, we were in the hotseat. D. started to get blamed for not tanking well, and so i threw myself on the sword for him and took all the blame. Instead of planning the fight and using some techniques to survive, we (they) just quit.

Which he gave me quite happily. “I didn’t get any heals,” he noted. Uh-huh. W/e.

After the 3rd wipe, the group disbanded, I felt like crap, J. logged off without saying a word, and D. said nothing to me at all. This silence from them continued for a week and a half – delivered to me and to C.

The day after this debacle J. had a conversation with C. in which she told him she was “sick of people goofing off when I’m working so hard on my gear.” And that, “I’m sick of pugging” and “we never do anything.”

People, meaning me (and perhaps P., I believe).

I was rather pissed off. To make along story short, I decided to quit.

The announcement that I quit SAPS

The announcement that I quit SAPS

A little more than a week later, J. and D. were finally on, we ran a heroic, and I broke the news. I said it was to get a clean start to do research, which is partly true. But I was hurt. There was that, too.

Interestingly, J. said then that she was also considering quitting to “join a bigger guild that does stuff.” Later I asked D. if he would also quit SAPS with her, and he said, “she’s quitting?” He never did answer me. (On a side note, he said his cousin was returning, and I said, “you’ll have a good healer, then.” He said nothing to that. I guess he is convinced I am no good after all. Baiting is wrong, and mean, but….)

So I quit yesterday, and that was fine. But then I talked to I.’s friend M. who is in a small but active raiding guild on another server. He sold it and the experience so well that both C. and I were convinced in short order.

So I clicked the buttons and paid my $25 and in either a few hours or a few days (unclear which) I will be playing on a new server.

Of course, I still  have all my other toons on Destromath, but Lan will now be…. in a new world. Lethon. Amazing.


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