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Well, at the encouragement of a friend, I played around with changing this blog over to blogger/blogspot instead of WordPress.

The biggest reason was that in order to view, folks had to create an account, which I always hate to ask people to do.

Pesky conrtast problems on my title text in Blogger.

Pesky contrast problems on my title text in Blogger.

But it was a no-go. First of all, blogger doesn’t allow for the creation of static pages (like the glossary and research ideas ones above), which I very much need. Second, for some reason the layout and whatnot I was trying to tweak were acting up and being buggy. And I couldn’t change the darn title text font without changing the page font.

An advantage of Blogger is that changing the underlying code is easy, and you can make all kinds of adjustments to the HTML that generates the page. I have done this before to great success (although I no longer maintain that, and it’s a bit odd-looking at the moment). For some reason, though, it just wasn’t working yesterday.

Those with a gmail account can simply login to gmail and access blogger blogs, which is an advantage, although those without still need to make an account.

So, at the end of the day, it’s not quite 6 of one, half-a-dozen of the other. Maybe… 4 and 14? But here we are, staying with wordpress.


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