Well, I did apparently break the seal yesterday, and managed to pug another instance in the evening (heroic Violet Hold).

Then I organized my first raid! Wow!

A raid in WoW is something that requires more than 5 players – either 10 or 25 if it is a dungeon – and in the expansion, there are several raids that are short and simple. We did The Obsidian Sanctum, and D. and J. came with, along with 7 strangers.

D. helped me with some of the process, but because he wasn’t feeling well, didn’t want to do any active leading. So I was selecting players, calling out instructions, and handing out the loot. It was a great time, although I sure was nervous, heh.

I am really proud of myself, though, and to be able to make that raid happen, even with relatively poorly geared players, was pretty amazing for me. In many cases, if there aren’t enough well-geared players, things become disastrous pretty quickly.

But, no “wipes” (where everyone dies) and relatively few snarky comments.

I got a weapon (Crimson Steel) but it’s not as good as the one I have, really, so I probably won’t be using it. Otherwise, it was just a source of Emblems of Heroism and needed experience in running a raid.

Go me! I wonder if people assumed I was a guy….


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