I did it! Yeay me!

Pugged my first group all by myself, and it was quick, easy and great! Well that’s a nice way to break the seal. I put myself into Looking for Group for the heroic daily, Utgarde Keep. That was nice for me because I’ve run that one a lot, and I know the fights. It’s one of the most simple heroics in Northrend.

I didn’t pug any more instances this morning, but I am proud I did it once :)

Running this one was completely benign. The group members were pretty quiet, aside from a few brief quips at the start, and we went through pretty quickly with no problems. The ideal pug, really. I got my Emblems of Heroism, and feel a lot better about doing pugs in the future.

The only thing is that my performance, though sufficient, was pretty poor, on the damage meter count, anyway. at aroun 1100 DPS I was at the bottom by far, and really felt lame about that. I played around with some changes to my weapon enchants (switched Windfury to off-hand, Flametounge to main), but that’s no good because I lose some additional power that Lava Lash generates when on my off-hand.

I guess I just have to get better gear for Lan. This is one reason why I get mopey when I pug – I need someone to tell me it’s okay.

On this morning, I confessed this feeling in guild chat, and Mi. (a relatively new guildie but veteran player, friend of Is.’s) was the one who soothed me. I’m whimpy that way :)

This is why it’s nice to have nice people in your guild.


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