6: Getting settled in 25 Apr 08

Well, I’ve been playing for a week now, and things are starting to be less exciting.  Last night and the night before were getting a bit tedious again, in large part because the fun new-ness has worn off for me, as well as for P., M., Cherry and the gang. I’m just leveling, in their view, so not really participating as they do – or would want me to – at this point.

Wednesday night I played for about 3 hours, and did have some nice text-chat with Mores – found out he’s 35, an IT consultant, and married. P. was out of it (smoking while playing! Ha) and M. wasn’t on because his computer was on the fritz. So Cherry, Pyrez, and I ended up having quite a fun little chat about both RL and game things – Cherry was preparing a debate for a class she’s in on giving out condoms to teens.  We had fun chiming in on that one.

Last night though, was really tedious.  I was listening into Vent, but they were running some raid or another, and I couldn’t really participate  even in the jokes and the like. I was just slogging through some quests – with Mores again, which was nice, but bland – and also another random person who grouped up with us to get things done.  It was fine, but really got a bit old. I’m level 23 now – half-way to 24 – and feel a bit more comfortable with various things, just not even close to powerful enough to join in the more social activities. This questing – at this point also best done with others – is as close as I get, and without voice chat is simply adequate.  Nowhere near the exciting exchange I had the first several nights.

I do understand very well now why J. was so sad and depressed to be leveling a new character rather than playing “real” runs with her old high character.  At this stage that isolation isn’t quite so strong, but somehow deeper: you know it’s possible have fun with others, but it’s miles and miles to go until you actually can.

I’m feeling the urge, of all things, to start a new character.  How funny is that.  That initial thrill is fun, in my memory, and I want to see what other classes are like.  I think I’d be a blood elf, this time.  Not sure I could resist being a magic-user of some kind, though.  It’s just too awesome to use those spells. On the plus side, I would be able to create a character that could use all this pesky mail I’m getting, although I’ll be able to use it myself, in oh…..17 levels. GAH.

In short, last night I felt as though the glow was wearing off – but I still find myself wanting to go on for a few right now….

TR has threatened to join, and I’ve been trying to convince John and N. to get on – heh. We’ll see. Jon has also promised he’ll come on if his lady does, which would be so fun.  We could set up our own Vent set of rooms.


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